Maria Snyder’s Ecobrands™ is a series of fashion collections with a focus on artistic integrity and sustainability.

Original iconic artworks and socially relevant messaging are at the heart of the brand, highlighting Maria’s conviction toward the importance of sustainable development and practices in art and fashion.

Utilizing more sustainable production in Ecobrands™ fashion and art products, will hopefully inspire more positive action towards a more sustainable and connected future for all.

Ecobrands™ exhibitions are multimedia installations combining Maria’s art images, symbols and messages, in art and fashion with a focus on technology and a deeper connection to each other and our planet.

Maria’s iconic images best summarize Ecobrands™ philosophy: Taking collective responsibility for our actions and consumption, our products derivation and sourcing, the significance of our common humanity, while respecting our differences and recognizing our oneness.

The CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America, has recognized Maria Snyder as a pioneer in the area of eco and sustainable fashion, and as one of the first activist artists in the world to design fashion collections made exclusively from recycled fabrics.